Welcome to the CHRISLM ART website. I do mostly non-objective abstract art in the vein of light manipulation using the mediums of photography, digital imaging of laser light refractions along with other light sources as well as oil painting to study all the various aspects of ambient light. My art work is almost a metaphysical experience. There are a couple of recent cover stories in Art News, March 2007 – Light Now and March 2008 – The New Abstract Photo, that, taken together, encompass the scope of my photographic work. This mainstream media coverage helps more people understand the complexity of my explorations, as well as the artistic merit of such endeavors.


If you have any questions or comments about my work, please feel free to send me an e-mail. I hope my work inspires you, brings you optimism, and puts a smile on your face. Please check back frequently, as the work will change.

Artist Statement

All of my work is a constant exploration. Recently, the journey begins with the use of light and how light utilizes space through the pictorial plane. In these photographs, I use various materials to refract light. I use the camera like a director by composing each image before the camera, and when I see a wonderful composition, I take the exposure. Each image can never be made exactly the same. I approach photography from a painter’s point of view. Light or lumia photography can be used as not only a medium of itself, but therefore can be used to create its own objectivity. “In other words, light is a body of its own making”.

I am interested in expressing my work through the use of synaesthesia, or the blending of the senses, in a  tradition that’s different from my predecessors. My usage of white light, red laser beams and (LED)’s Light Emitting Diodes are used not only to provide hue to the images but also show a different set of perceptual experiences through the use of different color relationships. Lumia and color are a mysterious phenomenon that varies from individual, cultural, psychological and spiritual meaning; it is what brings people together through visual diversity.